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Weather Links

Wind, Weather, Forecasts

Global Wind/Wave Animation

WunderMap, Hawaii

Wind and wave grib forecasts

water vapor
GOES regions and images by Unisys!

Latest WEST USA on color map Latest WEST USA on color map (full disc)
(or East Coast - from NASA-GSFC, NOAA GOES)

Hawaii to U.S. Mainland 4km Infrared - animated
GREAT view of Pacific winds, surface analysis (GOES-10) - Also: U.S. West Coast animation
University of Hawaii Meteorology: Satellite

Interactive enhanced infrared

Tropical Pacific - Visible Loop

Northeast Pacific
Color Infrared Loop
Wave Heights & Direction
for Eastern Pacific: sea surface temperature, marine observations, world-wide composite

Marine Weather

GOES 8 Eastern US sector
Infared color composite, Nevada to Bermuda - NOAA
GOES Project Science raw and processed satellite data

World Composite Weather Image
Real-time view of entire planet (62K)

Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission NASA
Monthly Mean Rainrates, Quick Look Images

University of Michigan Weather
The Weather Channel
El Nino (JPL), NOAA, Explanation
Gulf Oil Spill Layers
SeaWiFS Project Home Page (info)
Globe Design Tool - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Kauai, Hawaii
Hawaii Surf
San Francisco Bay Area

Recent Earthquakes in California USGS

Arctic Sea Ice News

Less Water Than You Think

Weather News

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